Megaman Command Mission Trapaças

Megaman Command Mission Trapaças :

Action figures :
Vá na Figure Vending Machine em Access Tunnel E-1.Coloque 1 dos codigos para ganhar a cheat correspondente:

Axl: 38184155
Axl (DNA changing pose): 91327856
Cinnamon: 92106548
Cinnamon (Iron Maiden): 19837556
Marino: 02098772
Marino (Quicksilver): 87352041
Massimo (Dymonion): 47722361
Megaman X: 73001472
Megaman X (victory pose): 44162918
X-Armor: 19690831
Zero: 29290141
Zero (Black): 72443102
X’s Ultimate Armor
First, get the Tianna Key for the the locked door in the Tianna Camp. Then, go to the locked door and open it. Inside you will fight a Boss that is accompanied by two Belladonnas. Defeat them, and after the fight break the red crystal to get X’s Ultimate Armor Hyper Mode.

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